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  あらい 舞 MAII ARAI
                       Singer song writer


Art movement 5 DAYS ART CHALLENGE of Facebook to publish one's work by three of 1st for five days, and to introduce the artist of the acquaintance, and to hand a baton, and to open a ring of the art ♪                                                                                                   自分の作品を1日3点ずつ5日間公表し、知り合いのアーティストを紹介してバトンを渡し、アートの輪を広げていくというFacebookのアート・ムーブメント5 DAYS ART CHALLENGE♪

「下町のヒプノシス」梅村昇史さん(からマーシャルブログ(の著者としてお馴染みの「ライブ・フォトグラファー」牛澤滋由貴さん(、本職は手芸クラフトを中心とした何でも屋さんChisayo Lewisさん(を経て、この度私がアートのバトンを受け取らせていただきました。




[A pastel] I introduce the picture which featured the theme of "the rial in the dream".




The blue fish has been longing in the sky for a long time. The blue fish showed courage at the night of the star-filled sky and jumped out of the sea. He swam in the night sky freely. And he became Pisces before long.











































In my heart, the scenery of the quiet country lives together with the sea of the passion.
I always come and go depending on the situation of the heart. And I leave sometime from the world of the heart and want to go to the scene without the change.










































3.「愛しのジュリー」 小学生と時、ザ.タイガースのジュリーの大ファンでした。いつか、本当に会えたらいいなあとずっと夢を見ていました。
His name is Kenji Sawada. The nickname is Julie. In Japan, anyone is a famous singer working as. I continued hoping that I could meet him. Ten years later, my younger sister was in charge of clothes of Julie luckily. I followed a younger sister and was able to meet Julie. A dream came true and was happy.

Thank you for looking at my picture.

                 love maii






































青い魚 The Blue fish




2015.5.7(Thu)     第一日目は、月と薔薇と宇宙をテーマに描いた作品をご紹介いたします。





Rose & Moon


この作品は、私のMaii PremaのCDのジャケット写真に使いました。

When a rose was linked to the moon, this drips with tears of the delight of the rose that AMULITA (deliciousness). And love flows through the river of the heart.



On Sumeru mountain rising in the center in an ancient view of the world of India, the rose floating like a full moon blooms at a moment at the moment. Without past memory, only the brightness of this life is right here now. Time does not go by ........ . There is only it now. With such a message, I painted this picture.


月と星と海と音楽のファンタジー」 私は、宇宙にある全てのもと一緒に、愛に満ち溢れた音楽を楽しみたいと思っています。

I want to enjoy music full of love with all things in the space. I entrusted this picture with such a feeling.



























































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